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Howard L. and Lillie Moran celebrated 32 years as pastor of the Apostolic Lighthouse in June of 2006. We are thankful for this wonderful couple and their many years of faithful service to the Apostolic Lighthouse Church.
The Apostolic Lighthouse Church was founded in 1974 by H.L. Moran and was located on 7th Street. Brother Moran led this congregation through many great times, as well as, some tough times. During one of those tough times, the members sold thier blood plasma and donated the money to keep the church doors open. This brought about the nick name "The Blood Bought Church" We are thankful that Jesus paid for our salvation with His blood. So we really are the "Blood Bought Church"! The congregation moved from 7th Street to Hillview Plaza in 1982, and from there to our current location in 1984. In 1995 a new sanctuary was dedicated and many improvements have been made since that time. In June of 2006, H.L. Moran assumed the position as Bishop of ALC, and Barry R. Coomer was installed as Pastor. Brother Moran has served as Section U Presbyter and Brother Coomer currently serves as Section U Secretary for Kentucky District of the United Pentecostal Church International.
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